The Catalyst Space Exploration Group
Ushering Humanity To A New Reality

Our Mission
To Empower All People On Earth
To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through the spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

Our global target market consists of over 7 billion people not including the total number of virtual entities on this planet called
Corporations: NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, SETI, B.T. Initiative, all
space governing agencies, all educational and independent institutions from around the world and many other billionaire backed programs competing to be the ‘first' into space along with trying to rework the global framework that governs the people. Their actions are all trapped within a closed system of design and thermodynamics teaches us that energy expended within such a system only ever increases in entropy.

The Divergent Unity team has the Catalyst Architecture to solve all this: A Zero To One solution that creates a new baseline for all creation to begin from, a White Hole, that will manifest a series of vibrant rain-forests, flush with ecosystems for all to exist and flourish within.
The Global Problem
Divergent Cosmic Systems Level Thinking
The empirical data surrounding our collective global demise is irrefutable: At exponential rates Earth is being destroyed, the State of Humanity is officially buried in a sea of epidemic drought. We are unequivocally enveloped within a Sixth Mass extinction; the fastest rate of collapse ever to grip a civilization.

All areas of academia, along with innovation, have failed to solve the problem. Their rabbit holes of intellectual reasoning, too far unto infinity, have lost all connections to the higher divergent epigenetic enhanced minds that exist as outliers of evolution; Mavericks, those who embrace their genetic gifts born into a biological system bound together by the great Laws Of Nature. We push the imaginations of genius beyond all understanding and find immediate actionable solutions never existed before.
Embracing the divergent minds within our evolutionary time line and learning to work with their gifts for the betterment of humanity is paramount in our organization. For far too long, stigma's have existed against these minds that operate on completely new ascended levels of thinking and because of this, they do not fit within the neurotypical systems of thought.

Einstein was one divergent mind that had said our position and intellectual reasoning within this world must change if we are ever to escape Plato’s cave. Upon those shoulders we stand, without fear and declare that it is now time for science and mysticism to converge their lines of thought once again; a new co-creative evolutionary free energy empowered framework will emerge and become the Cosmic one from which all people will stand upon to further the human race as a united whole.
Orchestrating The Solution
From The Microcosom To The Macrocosm
The future of humanity will rely on a massively organized co-creative
structure that leads from an Open Source methodology of thinking and approach. But before that can manifest, Divergent Mavericks who work outside the neurotypical trains of thought must become entrusted to lead this charge with the full wanting of empowerment for all people, not just the select few. It is only through our collective power of highly diverse biological systems organized into systematic patterns that we can unlock our potential energy and truly ascend higher in our evolutionary timeline to a level of frequency that our past forefathers have failed to achieve. It is our generations time to step up and graduate into a space fairing civilization, leaving no person behind.

Leading first with a 1-5 Catalyst Architecture, we can can unite
humanity and reshape our reality into one of beauty, unlimited
abundance, expansiveness, receptivity, love, kindness, equality and much more.
This goes beyond any conjectural thinking: backed by a consilience of empirical data from all academic fields and history itself, we can activate a unique Singularity of Intent that will ignite a Big Bang Event within a very short period of time to capture all the minds of consciousness throughout the world. The laws of nature do not lie: By creating the right Keystone and applying it to the correct Ecosystem Of Implementations, an evolved fractalized based balanced life force will flourish in ways you could never imagine.
Meet The Team Of Divergent Mavericks
  1. Ken Knudsen
    I am a Divergent innovator, entrepreneur, architect of software, gaming, life and a debugger of all systems. My mission is to empower all people, not just the few. I find hope where none lies. I find solutions where all have failed. I create vision when emotions blind the way. I ignite realities beyond all imagination.
  2. Peter Cameron
    An architect, innovator, teacher, developer, someone who pushes the boundaries on every thought. Never afraid to challenge the normality of existence and provide solutions to the most pressing problems in existence. Humanity has called, I have answered.
  3. Virajitha Lanka
    A Digital artist who is specializes in the 3D graphics and animation field for 17 years. I have been doing various animations,visual effects and concepts for some of major clients and also as a hobby. I've expanded my own freelance business and have setup a full home based studio with cutting edge tech.
  4. Aubrey Forest
    I am a natural philosopher, cognitive explorer, symbologist, educator, and Alchemist. Leveraging a lifetime of inquisitiveness and over a quarter century of esoteric training and exploration, my goal is to participate in the transmutation of human consciousness. My tools: a grounded understanding of the Language, Science, and Art of Alchemy; and an inexhaustible ability to articulate these principles and fundamentals in any environment or setting.
Rewriting Our Collective Reality And Bringing Balance Back To All Life