Exploring The Evidence Of Data
Humanity broke from nature long ago and the results of this are plainly visble as a matter of emperical systematic fact. Divergent Unity has stepped up to the global stage with a new universal empowering platform for all innovators, business's and people alike to step onto it. As the Catalyst Conductor, our company has written the next mozart piece for all humanity and together, by assembling key highly specialized band members, we will raise the frequency of all beings to a space fairing level culture and leave the old destructive, enslaving reality behind.

It's all about bringing our collective selves back into line with the Laws of Nature and that everything we do must come from a whole aspect of right and left brain. The times for 'rabbit hole' secular linear thinking are gone, they do nothing now but add to the entropy that is smothering all people in the closed and isolated corrupted systems of design that traps every person.

By moving back to a perfected naturally infused ecosystem of balanced thought that includes the arts, science, philosophy, history, Truth and more through a consilience of knowledge that spans
all these academic and historical teachings we can easily emerge our Type 0 training civilization into a Type 1 and beyond. Not only must we embrace this thinking to get us out of the multiple Extinction level events that now threatens to kill us, but we must also embrace that thinking in everything we do going forward. It's a Combinatory approach to the creation of a Big Bang Event that only The Divergent Unity Team can deliver this without exception.
Our Spaceship Earth
Understanding Where We Are
Before one can even begin to understand the scope of our problem, let alone take on the challenge of delivering a universal solution in one cohesive Singularity Big Bang Event, we must look at all Big Data with an open detached mind and search for the golden nuggets. It is within those disparate nodes of wisdom, delivered from all walks of life, that we, as a collective civilization can rise up and ascend to our next stages of evolution.
Answering The Global Call To Reform
The global education system is old, outdated and serve's nothing but stifle all forms of evolutionary minds that nature has created for the survival and continued emergence of mankind. It is time to make it known what is happening at epigenetic levels and build a system to embrace our children of today and a divergent system of support for all tomorrow. Our civilization depends on this happening now, not in some hopeful distant future.
Catalyst Disclosure
Time To Reboot Our Reality
For as long as the empercial research data and teams of divergent players have written and talked about, there's never been an outright disclsoure. Divergent Unity will bring about this moment to rock the global landscape in favor of all people, not the select few.

Inner To Outer Worlds
Understanding the rules of the game and the tools we can use in order to create our new reality that encompasses all people is only the small part of this game. It's time to create the biggest universal scientific research experiment to ever be tried and the Divergent Unity Team has the multi-level process design to make this happen.
The Simulation
Rewritting The Code Of Our Governing Reality
The world as we know it has come to the end of its current cycle. Now we assemble the Singularity Components and put all cards on the table in what will become the largest universal poker game of human history. The DU Team has the answers and you will become empowered to discover for yourself what lies on the other side of the Black Hole.
The Reality Of Now
Seeking Truth Amongst Confusion And Darkness
Understanding the reality of our existence in all its darkness, mistakes and youthful ego without fear will allow one to see light in all exerperiences. The current state of humanity is right before us and we must accept ownership of the bed we have sewn in all it's Truth before we can hope to fix it. The DU team has looked into the darkness for all those now ready to take the journey and has lite beacons to follow towards a New World of vibrant ecosystems for all to flourish within.